Our mission is to provide our donors with a means of enhancing the quality of health care available in our community.
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What we do

Current Funding Initiatives

The mission of the High River District Health Care Foundation is to provide our donors with a means of enhancing the quality of health care available in our community. We are established under Alberta’s “Regional Health Authority Act” and, as such, our primary focus is to support the efforts of our public health care system through Alberta Health Services (AHS).

The majority of our funding initiatives are directed at enhancing the equipment and services offered at the High River Hospital. We also support the Community Health Centre and  the  Silver Willow Lodge DAL unit in Nanton as well as Community and Public Health Services in our communities. These facilities and services form what the Foundation considers to be the cornerstone of our health care system and, therefore, keeping them well equipped and current is vital to the long-term viability of health care in our communities.

Delivering a better experience…High River Maternity

The High River Maternity program prides itself on caring for each and every one of its patients, with the unique and dedicated support they deserve.

To further enhance the wonderful care offered at High River Maternity, the High River District Health Care Foundation has launched its next fundraising campaign, “Delivering a better experience…High River Maternity”.  This campaign will support a major renovation to the maternity unit at the High River Hospital.  This will see 2400 sq. ft. of existing footprint redeveloped into state of the art “Maternity Care Suites” created to help offer the very best maternity experience for women in the Foothills Community.

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Cancer Care….close to home

In 2013 the High River District Health Care Foundation launched our most ambitious project ever. We made a commitment to help renovate and expand the High River Community Cancer Centre in the High River Hospital. We partnered with the Rotary Club of High River to raise $1.6 million . We are thrilled to report that construction has now started and we anticipate the Cancer Centre will be opening in the fall of 2016

Our vision is to provide cancer patients, their families and friends a spacious and pleasant setting to receive their treatment. Our goal is also to provide an efficient and safe environment for the Centre’s staff and to have it all available right in High River.

High River Hospital

In 2015 the Foundation funded over $223,000 of  medical equipment in the High River hospital. We committed to such items as  a Fetal Monitor unit for Maternity, a Blood Chemistry Analyzer for Lab  and two computer Towers for Laproscopic surgery in the OR.

Long Term Care

Over the years one of the major focuses of the Foundation has always been on the Long Term Care unit at the Hospital. Our donors feel strongly that the residents of the second floor of the High River Hospital should have the best possible facilities and care. In 2015 the Foundation committed $175,000 for a major upgrade to Long Term Care. The unit will be refurbished and revamped to make it more home-like and dementia friendly as well as enhance the effeciency and safety of staff working there.   This project is funded through Greatest Needs donations and those specifically for Long Term Care.

Spiritual Care

The Foundation offers ongoing support for two programs under the auspices of the High River Hospital’s Spiritual Care Advisory Committee: The Hospital’s Chaplaincy program and a community-based Grief Support program. The Foundation feels that Spiritual Care is not only good medicine, it is something our communities and donors want.  For more information on the Spiritual Care programs and Grief  Support click here.

Scholarships and Education

The Foundation funds scholarships up to $500 for health care workers and professionals under the auspices of the Hospital’s Scholarship Committee. The Foundation believes that keeping health care worker’s skills current and helping future caregivers is an investment in the long-term health of our communities.

Silver Willow Lodge – Nanton

Silver Willow Lodge is located in Nanton Alberta.  The lodge is owned by the Mosquito Creek Foundation with  Alberta Health Services operating the Designated Assisted Living (DAL)Unit.  The DAL unit has eight, one bedroom units and 20 studio rooms for seniors that have been assessed and approved for a secure living environment by Alberta Health Services Transition Department. Licensed Practical Nurses and Health Care Aides provide assistance with daily living needs, such as, medication, personal grooming, bath assist, meals and various health related issues. The Foundation supports AHS at the lodge providing such things as lifts, fall mats and numerous small items. We enjoy tremendous support from the community of Nanton and are very pleased to be able to invest in this wonderful health care facility.

Past Initiatives

Over the past 25 years the Foundation has had a tremendous impact on health care in our communities. A small sampling of some of our past initiatives include:


Extending the “Keep our O.R. Active ” campaign. In 2011 a need was identified to continue with our “Keep Our O.R. Active” campaign. A Xenon light source, a cauterizing machine and a vital signs monitor were all purchased for $41,000.
Also in 2011 such items as a Pedia-Poser Chair for taking x-rays of small children was purchased through the generous support of the Shriners Club of High River. Specialized chairs and commodes were purchased for the Long term care unit as well as bed alarm systems. In total the Foundation invested $225,224 in healthcare equipment and programs and commited $129,796 to future project.


Keep our O.R. active

A well-equipped and active operating room is essential to any hospital. An active operating room means patients can obtain surgeries right in their own community; it reduces wait times, it attracts new physicians and surgeons and creates the ability to offer enhanced services such as cataract, obstetrical and gynecological surgeries. An active O.R. ensures the long-term viability of the hospital.

The High River Hospital has two very busy operating rooms. In 2010 over 1800 surgeries were performed by eleven surgeons. Of these surgeries, 147 were cataract surgeries and 1680 required the use of the two anesthetic machines. The operating rooms are well equipped, but some of the equipment was in need of replacement.

The High River District Health Care Foundation wanted to make sure that the operating rooms would stay active. The goal of the Foundation was to raise $225,000 for three key pieces of equipment; an anesthetic machine, a cataract surgery machine and a gastroscope. The Foundation was determined to “Keep our O.R. active”.

By 2010, the two anesthetic machines, although safe, are coming to the end of their life expectancy. Parts and service on the machines were unavailable and the technology had simply evolved. The Hospital has made a request to Alberta Health Services to replace the machines. They have also approached the High River District Health Care Foundation about the situation. The Foundation decided to be proactive in ensuring the viability of our operating room, with all the benefits that it brings, and agreed to fund one machine.

Anesthetic Machine ($120,000)
The new anesthetic machinel cost $120,000, which the Foundation hopes to raise before December 2010. Longview area resident Lillian Hartley and High Riverite’s Dick and Shirley Liddell have committed to act lead donors to start this campaign off. Cargill Meat Solutions pledged a portion of the proceeds of their 2010 Charity Golf  Tournament andproceeds from the 2010 Dinner and Auction ( The Mash Bash ) was sufficient to secure the purchase of this first vital piece of equipment.

An anesthetic machine administers specific medications which results in a reversible loss of consciousness necessary during surgery. It is comprised of a cardiac monitor, ventilator, suction unit and patient monitoring device that ensures the patient’s heart rate, ECG, blood pressure and oxygen saturation levels are monitored.

Phacoemulsion Machine ($80,000)
Eleven years ago the community raised funds through the Foundation to establish a Cataract Surgery program here in High River. As with the anesthetic machine, the instrument used to perform these surgeries needs to be replaced. Most cataract surgery nowadays, are done by phacoemulsion, also called “small incision cataract surgery”. An incision is made on the dome-shape surface that covers the front of the eye, which is the side of the cornea. The doctor then inserts a tiny probe into the eye, which emits ultrasound waves that soften and break up the lens, so that it can be removed by suction. The damaged lens is then replaced through the micro-incision by a new foldable lens. Only two or three stitches are required for closing the incision. The Foundation plans to raise $80,000 for a new Phacoemulsion machine as the second phase of the “Keep our O.R. Active” campaign and with the support of our Cattle and Grain Round Up program

Gastroscope ($25,000)
A Gastroscope is the third and final piece of equipment needed to keep our O.R. active. It is a flexible, lighted instrument that is put through the mouth and down the esophagus to view the stomach; tissue from the stomach can also be removed with this instrument. The gastroscope has a plastic, flexible tube that is about 4 feet (1.22 meters) long and utilizes fibre optic technology that produces light to allow it to work like a camera. The physician can view the gastrointestinal tract and it is useful in evaluating conditions of the esophagus, stomach and portions of the small intestine. A gastroscope will cost $25,000 and represents the third and final phase of the “Keep our O.R. Active” campaign.

The goal of the High River District Health Care Foundation is not simply to purchase these three instruments – it is to provide efficient and active operating rooms with all the extra benefits they bring. The Foundation wants to ensure that surgical services are available in our community and, ultimately, it want to ensure the long-term viability of our hospital. A well-equipped and active operating room is vital to any hospital.

Vitros 350 Chemistry Analyzer ($80,000)
The Laboratory at the High River Hospital is a huge benefit to the residents of our communities. Being able to offer complete lab services right in High River saves everyone the cost and inconvenience of traveling to Calgary for medical tests. In 2012 the existing Chemistry analyzer was slow, well past its life expectancy and was starting to breakdown frequently. By investing in lab equipment, the Foundation ensured that the lab remains productive, current and, in turn, helped to contribute to the long-term viability of the hospital. The lab is a key support service to the hospital’s cancer clinic and emergency department as well as the maternity and surgical programs.

The lab is also a hub facility, doing specialized lab tests for other rural communities which, again, was a factor that the Foundation considered when choosing to fund this equipment. Greatest Needs Donations was the primary source of funding for this project.


In conjunction with the High River Hospital Auxiliary, a Haematology Analyzer for Laboratory was purchased for $75,000. 2 Palliative Care Beds $25,546. Fluoroscopy Swallow Study Treatment Chair for Diagnostic Imaging Department $10,521. Sabina Sit Stand Lift for Long Term care $5,595. Temporal artery Thermometers for Emergency Department $3,450. Funding for ACORN workshop – staff training on moving infants via STARs air ambulance $4,494.


MAC 5500 ECG Machine $15,286. Operating Room table $58,425. Sheepskin mats for Long term Care $4,556. Maternity Bed $21,727. Cancer Clinic treatment Chair $1,050.


Bladder Scanner for Nanton Community Health Centre $15, 627. Two fetal monitors $66,266 Refurbish Hair Salon on 2nd Floor $2,900. Wall Mounted Cardiac Monitors for Emergency Department $40,298, Bladder Scanner for Acute Care $15,627. Blanket Warmer for Acute Care $3,675.

Spiritual Care & Grief Support

The Foundation offers ongoing support for two programs under the auspices of the High River Hospital’s Spiritual Care Advisory Committee: The Hospital’s Chaplaincy program and a community-based Grief Support program. The Foundation feels that Spiritual Care is not only good medicine, it is something our communities and donors want.

The Hospital’s Chaplains minister to the spiritual needs and questions of patients and their families, as well as hospital staff. The program is inter-faith and interdenominational. The Chaplains act as a resource, working closely with local clergy to make sure their congregants are receiving the support they need. The entire second floor of the hospital is devoted to long-term care where many of the residence do not belong to a specific faith community. Our Chaplains organize such activities as reminiscing circles, interdenominational services, hymn sings and Christmas and Easter event for second floor residents. The Chaplains also work with palliative patients and their family and, again, work closely with local clergy. To learn more about the Chaplains services and contact information click here.

Grief Support Program
The Grief Support Program is community based, 0ffering both group meetings and individual counseling. It gives great support and comfort to those in our community who have suffered the loss of a loved one. The Foundation supports the Grief Support program because it is clearly something our donors support. A portion of the annual Points of Light Campaign go towards this program as well as donations specifically directed to the Spiritual Care Fund. To learn more about the Grief Support Program including contact information click here.

Report to the Community

In  2015 our supporters had a huge impact on  healthcare in High River, Nanton and the surrounding areas. Read our 2015 Report to the Community to see how their gifts have enhanced health care.

Through their support, the High River District Health Care Foundation has been able to invest in healthcare equipment and programs so our families, friends and neighbours have access to some of the best health services possible in a rural community. We would like to thank them and report on how their gifts counted in our communities.

Read our Report to the Community by clicking the image below.


High River District Health Care Foundation


Mission, Goal and Values
The mission of the High River District Health Care Foundation is to provide our donors with a means of enhancing the quality of health care available in our community.


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